Secret Society Wednesdays at Aurum Lounge

Venue: Aurum Lounge

Cover: Free w/Eventbrite ticket

$20 for entry without ticket

Dress Code: not strict



If you ain’t part of the Secret Society on Wednesday it might be time to check out Aurum Lounge.

Last Night was a movie at Aurum Lounge. They had firework all night. Bottle popping the girls were coming out in squads. You could immediately spot the ballers of the night. The bottles girls were dressed in gold body suites. They lit the evening with bottles of Ciroq, Henny, and Patron all night.
When I first pulled up to the club I was kind of thrown off because it is in somewhat of a dark road. The entrance was not lit well and there was no large sign saying “Aurum Lounge” so I was almost unsure I was in the right place. The Line wasn’t too bad at all and moved pretty quickly. There was no real dress code they were going by because some the men were dressed to the nines and others were dressed very casual. When I reached the front the woman told me the cover was $20 to get in. I told her that on Eventbrite it stated it was free all night but I actually had to show her I registered for the event. THANK GOD I did because sometimes I forget as I know most of us do.
When I got inside though I was very impressed it was well lit and decorated with “Aurum Lounge” signage on the walls and on the signboard that the bottle girls carried when they brought out the fireworks and bottles. Dj Twoee had the party live with the latest trap music. They had fairly large sections and in the back left corner was the section where the Big Ballers sat. At least that’s my conclusion since they popped the most bottles at once while the bottle girls held the signboard with Big Ballers written across it.
The crowd looked like it was mostly millennials, young twenty-somethings coming out to celebrate birthdays or just life. Aurum has hookahs and a bar where you can order all your favorite foods like wings and burgers. They had bottle girls and servers coming in and out of the sections to take care of all your needs. Aurum definitely has a club look but a lounge vibe. Everyone was cooling, kicked back listening to music and puffing on some smoke, throwing back drinks and grubbing. There was a dancefloor but now that I have been here for a few months I need to ask, do we not dance at lounges in Atlanta? If yall don’t know I’m from the north, (Boston) Yea that way… and when we go to a party or really anywhere with LQ, smoke, and music we bussing a move. So if I’m just going to the wrong places someone please let a sister know.

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