Downtown Saturday Nights at Suite Lounge

Venue: Suite Lounge
Cover: $10-$20
V.I.P.: $40+
Dress code: Fellas no hats, no sneakers, no crew neck shirts

This past Saturday Night, Suite Lounge was the move. It was a normal Saturday night, many Pisces birthdays in the house and I definitely saw a woman wearing a vale while waiting in line. The wait in line was not too bad and moved at a decent pace.

This venue was one of the biggest places I’ve been to in the city. When you first walk in two lovely ladies take the cover charge but also allow you to upgrade to V.I.P. for $40 per person. It is cash only but since there is an ATM onsite they will hold your phone until you get back with the money. Once you pass them you see seating in a restaurant fashion, a giant bar and then the dance floor is in the far back.

There were also many sections surrounding the floor and V.I.P. off to the left of the dancefloor. As people were celebrating birthdays and weddings they were popping Crown, Ciroq, and bottles of Champaign. I personally didn’t make it upstairs but, there is a rooftop section called, The Penthouse and it is beautifully decorated as seen on their website. The Dj on the main floor was up in a booth by the dance floor and when I first walked in they had DJ E-Class on the ones and twos. He played top 40 hits and a few old school songs. The crowd at Suite was actually getting busy on the dancefloor which delights my heart. Too many parties in Atl but not enough dancers! The next DJ came up and played the international tunes which are my personal favorite.

From great food and drinks to entertainment and music, Suite Lounge has everything you need to have a great night out.  The food was amazing which is expected since it is a restaurant with a nightlife venue. You can order all your favorites, from burgers to seafood, your taste buds will be satisfied. The crowd was absolutely lit whether you were on the dancefloor or at the bar you could have a good time. If you don’t have any plans next Saturday be sure to check out Suite Lounge in Downtown Atlanta!

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